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DISNEYLAND with hiya papaya

If you’ve never been to the magical world of Disneyland, you NEED TO GO! Cristi and I went on a mini trip last week and it was quite the adventure. Besides forgetting my SOCKS and walking around in pain most of the time with a bunch of blisters on my feet, it was so FUN! The magicalness of it all made me forget my blisters! …NOT. Two of my favorite rides are Soarin’ and Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the N’ahlins feel of that one. And we went on Soarin’, like, 6 times! Here’s a tip for next time you go to Disneyland: download RideMax and always try to get FastPasses. Both options help you get in rides faster and you really don’t have to wait in line, it’s GREAT.

That said, here is Hiya Papaya’s FRESH ‘PIC’ OF THE DAY…

In my spare time I babysit…

Love my niecephews! But, golly, trying to get this photo was more exhausting than the whole night of babysitting!

Scooter Gang

I love to ride my scoo-oo-ter, I love to ride my scoot’r…

Anyone who knows me (Jessi) knows I love scooters. Since buying a vespa I get really excited when I see one on the road (or basically anywhere). So, yesterday when I was photographing Cassie and Ryan in the AF canyon, imagine my excitement when a whole SCOOTER GANG came flying up the road past me!! At first I smiled and waved and focused on not jumping up and down in excitement, and then I remembered I had a camera in hand so I scrambled to take a few shots before they all passed. It was awesome. Enjoy today’s Fresh Pic :D

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